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Shiplap Ceiling | $100 diy projects

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Welcome to another installment of $100 DIY Projects! After polling everyone on Instagram about which project to tackle next, it became very clear that you all are looking for ways to update bedrooms and bathrooms. So the second installment in this series is a great way to address problem ceilings in small spaces.

Do you have old, wrinkled drywall, popcorn ceilings or a tray ceiling that could use some love? In our bedroom we had a traditional trimmed, tray ceiling that had been bugging me for years. There was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't our style and after creating our $100 headboard it felt even more stylistically jarring. I knew it was going to need some addressing but I'd imagined I would need to take the trim down, then fix the drywall and have to paint it. My arms are hurting just thinking about it! So instead, I figured out a way to panel over top of the trim work and skip all of the hard stuff.

This would be so pretty in a bathroom with a problem ceiling, so I think it hits both of the big requests from my poll. For reference: Our tray ceiling is 105 square feet. Here is our master bedroom before - unmade bed and all...

And here's the cost breakdown for this project:

1. 4 sheets of 1/4" plywood at $15 each came to $60.

2. 2 sample sizes of SW paint at $6 each came to $12 (see my IG "Paint Tips" highlighted stories for this money saving hack!)

3. I used 1x2 wood 'rails' to float the plywood boards above the existing trim. This would work for a popcorn ceiling too. Six pieces were enough. At less than .80 a piece this came to about $5

4. I used 2" screws to fasten the rails to the ceiling joists. About $5 for a small box of these.

5. I had nails on hand but I will include a price for them here in case you don't own a brad or finish nailer, or if you need to purchase them - $10

6. I also reuse my paint rollers and trays. It may not seem worth the effort at first but over time this saves a ton of money and helps me to stay in budget for these $100 projects. If you need to purchase paint supplies, I'll include $10 for a tray and some foam roller covers, assuming you have a roller. (I use the cabinet style foam covers because it gives a smoother finish on the shiplap and it makes the paint go farther.)

TIP: Paint the boards BEFORE you hang them.

7. Trim for the edges is optional. For our ceiling I needed something very specific to blend into the existing trim (a small pvc corner style trim that was $18 total. They sell 1" flat pieces in the same price range.)

8. Caulk - $3

TOTAL: $123

**Because I reuse paint supplies and had nails on hand, left over from previous projects, my total was $103.**

Even if you have a little more square footage or need to purchase some extra items, this is very budget friendly and makes a huge impact in the room! Here's the video tutorial:

And here's the AFTER:

Until next time!


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19 sept 2023

Hi the spaces on the ceiling shiplap .. how do you space them

Thank you from Canada🇨🇦

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