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DIY Four Poster Bed

As summer was winding down I was feeling the urge to simultaneously cozy things up and also simplify in our master bedroom. I'd been dreaming of a four poster bed and how I might be able to DIY one and save us some money (okay - let's be honest; it wasn't happening unless I made it myself). And it seemed like the perfect time to give it a try with the changing of the season.

Here's what the previous headboard looked like:

That headboard was the easiest $100 DIY ever and we loved how it made the room feel more finished for a few years while we waited to pull it all together. The boards were just screwed into the studs in the wall so taking it down was a breeze, and I will save those boards for a project in the boys' room so they don't go to waste. Then I filled the holes in the wall, sanded, and refreshed the paint to get ready for our new four poster bed.

The base of the previous bed had been a frame we'd purchased off of Amazon and I planned on incorporating that into the four poster bed design to save money and time. With just a handful of select pine boards and a free Saturday I was able to create this:

Guys, I'm in love! Our room feels so light and airy and I keep finding excuses to come up here and work, (I guess you could say this is my new office). I also love to relax and watch a show with the kids here - it's the best 'seat' in the house.

I've made a video to show how it looked as it was coming together and included links to where you can find certain items in the description of that video. Click the image below to get there. You can adjust the measurements to your own bed/bedframe but here is a basic shopping list.


-4, 2x2x8's for the posts

-4, 1x3x8's for the top rails (trimmed to your bed length and width)

-4, 1x6x8's for the bottom rails (trimmed to your bed length and width)

If you don't own a saw you can have them cut it all at the store to your preferred length. I left the posts taller because I didn't want the top rail to interfere with our line of sight to the television on the opposite wall. Our ceilings are tall, so it doesn't feel disproportionate.

-pocket screws

-Kreg jig (this is how I assemble most of our furniture DIY's)

-1/4 " plywood piece for a headboard (I measured the width of our California king and attached it 52" high -but you can make it higher or lower depending on what you find esthetically pleasing.)

-2" roll of foam (I found mine at Walmart for $15)

-staple gun

-fabric of your choice

-spray adhesive

-metal bedframe (If you choose to build the bed to hold weight, you will need chunkier boards and support rails under the mattress. You can refer to my DIY platform bed video on how to do that, if you prefer to take that route - )

Here it is! I hope you enjoy this simple DIY!

Until next time....


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