Below is a piece I've had sitting in my drafts for a while (since before the corona virus hit) and when I look at it now I am seeing new ways that my Heavenly Father wants me to open my hands and let something go so that I can receive what He wants me to have in this strange, dark season of a pandemic. He has not changed - even when the world changes so drastically. He still loves to take broken things and make them new. He still loves to give peace and otherworldly joy to His children - yes, even in a pandemic - so I am once again learning to open my hands to His gifts. I've added some current thoughts regarding the pandemic in italicized parentheses.

"Open your hands," He told me. I'd been reading something written by Corrie ten Boom that day and those words were seared in my mind. And they kept coming back to mind for days, and weeks, and months. I knew the Lord was telling me to remember them, to write them down, because He wanted to teach me something. "Open your hands, lest He pry them open," were the words Corrie had written across ti